so hey guys i just thought id tell you that im thinking of just posting my art on my main blog instead, duno i just think it feels better? 

sorry if thats a bother but mm..
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Mini AT w/ Omileo

sorry this isn’t the best thing ever but i’ve had this idea for days

Imagine Sonic Boom having multiple endings that trigger depending on your choices and progression. Imagine a bad ending. The game unlocks a level/mission simply titled “………” with no objective. All of Sonic’s new friends died. Sonic’s outfit has been torn to pieces and his weapons are broken and unusable. The game makes you walk a limping Sonic slowly through a blizzard. There is no music. Every couple of minutes that you drag him, it cuts to a scene of him calling out for his friends and letting out a completely bone-chilling death wail before simply collapsing from sheer exhaustion and sadness. 

Inspired by windayy. I really like the idea, just had to do fanart of it, kind of.
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I may have gone overboard with the pallets but whatever

this is my new video, I finally managed to make myself do something productive.. YAAA

felt like uploading this seperately.